Why You Need SiteLock and CodeGuard TODAY!

  • 26th February 2020
Your website is vulnerable so it needs to be MONITORED and PROTECTED from malicious intruders, and BACKED UP offsite daily so you have clean, secure files to recover in case (or when!) something goes wrong. If you aren't personally monitoring and proactively protecting your website 24/7, then you might not be aware when it gets attacked and ...
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You Might Have Received An Email From Public Domain Registry - It's OK

  • 14th August 2019
SUBJECT: Important notification regarding your registered domain names If you recently received an email from "", not to worry. It is a required  Domain Registration Agreement. It is required by any domain registrar to provide this to their customers and to have the customers acknowledge their ...
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What is an Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

  • 2nd August 2019
EXTENDED VALIDATION (EV) SSL CERTIFICATES Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates were designed explicitly to assert the maximum amount of identity. Using one adds a layer of assurance. When internet users arrive at a website they see the name of the organization running the website displayed prominently next to their browser’s address ...
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Optimize your website

  • 26th July 2019
Did you know you can easily optimize your website with gzip compression? It's quick and easy in your hosting cPanel. This will enhance the performance of your website, providing quicker load times for your site visitors. To do this: Open your cPanel and scroll down to the Software section. Click on Optimize Website, and select Compress All ...
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