You Might Have Received An Email From Public Domain Registry - It's OK

  • 14th August 2019
SUBJECT: Important notification regarding your registered domain names If you recently received an email from "", not to worry. It is a required  Domain Registration Agreement. It is required by any domain registrar to provide this to their customers and to have the customers acknowledge their ...
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GMail POP3 Fetcher for Email! Great Chrome Add-On

  • 19th June 2019
If you use Gmail to send and receive email from other accounts, you are probably WAITING to receive your emails. Wait no longer! Google Chrome has an extension called the GMail POP3 Fetcher that will check your POP3 email accounts EVERY MINUTE instead of once an hour! You will no longer have to hit the Check Email button to see the email your ...
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WordPress Installation and Migration Now Available!

  • 2nd May 2019
Tiger Web Designs offers WordPress installation & site migration for our hosting clients.  When you need to build a website and aren't a coder, you will need a website builder. WordPress is free and can be installed on any site. It might have a bit of a learning curve, but there are tons of tutorials and videos to help you do what you want ...
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Why you should have ID Protection for your domain

  • 26th September 2018
Privacy Protect Protect your identity from spammers and whois harvesting by having privacy protection. Mask your contact information with ID Protection for your domain. This will replace your info with the registrar's generic contact info. Add it to your domain purchases, transfers or renewals for only $8/year.  Here is what your contact info ...
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