Time’s Up, Act Now So Your Website Isn’t Labeled "Not Secure"

It’s no surprise that trust is everything online. But you might be surprised to know that, effective since June 2018, Google is now labeling all webpages that aren’t protected by SSL certificates as “Not Secure”. And, a 2018 Internal Website Security Seal Study by Ipsos Group S.A found 87 percent of internet users won’t complete a transaction if they see a browser warning. Even worse, 58 percent will go to a competitor's website to complete their purchase.

As your trusted advisor, we want to help make sure your website communicates trust and confidence, so visitors engage with you instead of clicking to competitors. Every day that goes by without SSL protection, you’re losing potential customers.

Make it clear to visitors your website is safe and secure. Get your SSL certificate now.

Grow with Confidence,

Nancy Cole - Tiger Web Designs Webmaster

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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