Need an SSL Certificate but have no idea how to install one?

Let us do the installation for you!

Let's face it, installing an SSL Certificate can be easy. Or it can prove to be one of the most confusing endeavors of all time. First, you have to generate the CSR. Then there is either file-based authentication or email authentication. Then you receive the encrypted certificate in an email and wonder what to do with it. So yeah, it can be intimidating. But we are here to help!

Our webmaster, Nancy Cole, is our resident expert on all things SSL. She can help you choose which certificate is right for your website, and install if for you with a minimum of fuss on your part. She will make sure the process flows smoothly, so you can concentrate on what you do best, your business. SSL is her business, so order your SSL Installation today and let her deal with it for you.

Just order an SSL Installation and tell us which certificate you want and we will install it on your hosting. Please note: Your website must be hosted by Tiger Web Hosting for us to perform the installation of an SSL Certificate for you. If Tiger Web isn't providing your hosting, what are you waiting for? Order hosting now!

If you're not sure which SSL Certificate is right for you, you can see your options here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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